The Story of E.T. Kingley goes live!

We're proud to launch the Story of E.T. Kingsley on this website!

The life of Eugene T. Kingsley (1856-1929), an American-Canadian socialist, has much to teach legal scholars, historians, and those working in the field of disability studies.

Almost entirely unknown today, Kingsley was a double amputee who went on to become a central leader of the Socialist Party of Canada.

Over the course of a long career, he participated in and commented on many of the issues of the day including the anti-Asian race riots of 1907 in Vancouver, the bitter coal miners strike on Vancouver Island in 1913, the controversial rejection of hundreds of Sikh, Muslim and Hindu immigrants attempting to enter Canada aboard the Komagata Maru in 1914 and many others.

In this Digital Archive and a forthcoming book under contract with UBC Press, professors Malhotra and Isitt document Kingsley’s political career and reflect on his forgotten legacy through the prism of critical disability theory.

Learn more about the man and his life and times here!
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